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Hi friends! I'm Krissy, and I'm a wife, mom of 3, health and wellness entrepreneur, and lover of the Earth. My passion is for living a more natural, healthy, sustainable, Earth-friendly life. Don't get me wrong though, there are still plenty of not-so-friendly and healthy things I still enjoy! It's all about finding balance and making small changes, one at time, that work for you and your family.


We're not perfect over here, and nobody is expecting you to be either. I love to recycle and use natural, plant based remedies to heal my ailments. However, I also can't give up my aerosol hairspray and eating fast food! My mission is to help educate you how to make healthier choices for you and your family, one day at a time. So join me on this wild ride that I call My Quasi Crunchy Life, and let's be better TOGETHER!

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